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Blanche & Emilio Librero

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There is no better way to add fun, romance and excitement to your life than dancing.  It is a delightful hobby for couples to share, and a fast, safe way for singles to meet potential friends and partners.

Do you want to dance - but don't know how to get started? ...We can help!

We've been teaching at our own Dance Studio in Tampa, Florida and producing instructional dance videos since 1979.  During all these years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing our students with
the easiest and quickest way to learn to dance.

You'll be dancing on your very first lesson...

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We Teach all The Popular Dances

Ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, Swing dancing,
Argentine Tango, Wedding dances and more...
No matter what the occasion, you'll be dancing and having fun

What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

It took over 20 years to get my husband to Libreros

Edna: "For over 20 years, I had an advertisement from Libreros posted on our refrigerator hoping my husband would get the hint" I was shocked when he scheduled our first dance lesson. We’ve been dancing now for over 8 years and have enjoyed our time together with amazing instruction and meeting so many new friends.

Phil: "I never thought I could dance, but the instructors at Libreros are terrific and make learning fun. I wish we had started 20 years ago."

Phillip and Edna Broyles

Shane Melaugh

To Vern and Sandy Adams, dancing gives them the opportunity to be fully engaged

"We enjoy learning new things and have found that the dancing experience at librero's has really enriched our lives. Whether at a lesson or a party, the club is a relaxing break form our separate careers.

​ Dancing is a way of being fully engaged with each other, as distinguished from viewing a movie where we are side -by-side but engaged in the movie.

When we go on the dance floor, it's only the music and us. All thoughts of any stressful situations of the day disappear because this is our to enjoy and relate to each other through music and dance.

Dr. &  Mrs. Vern Adams (Vern & Sandy)

Shane Melaugh

It was one of the best decisions I ever made in life.

My husband and I have been attending for ten great yrs. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in life. I look forward to every class every week and made very good long time friends here. Libreros is very classy all the way and very special to me in my heart. To me it was not just about dancing, it was also about the wonderful people you meet here. Hopefully it will be just as special for you :) Take a chance!

Michael & Connie Kim

Shane Melaugh

We have enjoyed the excellent instruction, the wonderful weekly parties and extraordinary New Year's celebrations.

We joined Libreros' 7 years ago when i gave my husband a month of dance lessons as holiday gift. After that initial month, we extended for another 3. By then we were hooked on it! We have enjoyed the excellent instruction, the wonderful weekly parties and extraordinary New Year's celebrations.

Librero's offers more than simply learning to dance. Although that is a lot to offer in itself, Librero's is also a community of people who become friends through their love of being active and learning new things while having fun with their partners. Librero's can teach anyone to dance. Ballroom dancing can add healthy living, vitality, friendships and fun to your life.

• • •

Dr. &  Mrs. Tom Freeman ( Tom & Susan)

Add Fun, Romance & excitement to Your Life...

Start Dancing Today!

Call us at (813) 253-0644

New to Dancing? ....Relax,
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