Learn to Dance Tampa – Special New Student Offer

Add Fun, Romance, and Excitement to Your Life... LEARN TO DANCE!
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Having Fun at Librero's Dance Parties

learn to Dance at Libreros and have fun at the partieshaving fun learning to dance at Libreros Dance StudioDancing at Librero's Dance Studio
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Learn to Dance in Tampa
Learn to Dance in Tampa

Experience our Fun, Quick & Easy "Beginners Crash Course". 
It is the perfect way to get started with dancing and acquainted with our dance studio.

Course includes:​

*   2 Private Lessons (1/2 hour each)

*   1 Hour Group Class

   Special New Student Offer - $79

Course Great for Singles or  Couple​s

    Call Now - (813) 253-0644
    Gift Certificates Available

To take your first dance step, all you need to do is give us a call and schedule your first private lesson. When you come in, your teacher will enroll you, give you a calendar of events, explain our different types of activities, and provide you with information on the different courses available. You can take all the information home with you and make your decision at your leisure, and you are never under any obligation to continue.

Your teacher will also introduce you to a few basic elements that will have you dancing on your very first lesson. Unlike activities where you have to master a skill in order to enjoy it, you will discover that learning to dance is just as much fun as dancing itself.

New to Dancing?... Relax, We Make Learning Comfortable
Every Step of The Way!

To Vern and Sandy Adams, dancing gives them the opportunity to be fully engaged

"We enjoy learning new things and have found that the daning experience at librero's has really enriched our lives. Whether at a lesson or a party, the club is a relaxing break form our separate careers.

​Dancing is a way of being fully engaged with each other, as distinguisehed from viewving a movie where we are side -by-side but enbgaged in the movie.

The weekend party is a great opportunity for an evening of dancing to good mudsic in an smoke free enviroment, while forming friendships with people from various professions whom we wouldn't otherwise have met.

When wwe go on the dance floor, it's only the music and us. All thoughs of any streesfull sitiations of the day dissapear becouse this is our to enjoy and relate to each other trhough music and dance.

Start Dancing Today!

​Give us a call now and schedule your first Private Dance Lesson

(813) 253-0644


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Learn to Dance for fun and fitness. Enjoy our fabulous Dance Parties. Get ready for your Wedding Dance.
Our Dance Lessons make it easy. Call Librero's Dance Studio, Tampa.