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The band plays your favorite song...silence befalls the room.
All eyes turn to the bride and groom's time for the wedding dance.

What's your next step?

Now you can capture
this very special moment
with grace, style, and confidence.

Wedding Dance Instruction

Shall We Dance?

There is no other moment in life as romantic as a couple’s first dance as “Mr. & Mrs.” From your professional videographer to every cell phone in the room, that special moment will surely be captured with sound and movement for years to come, so we want it to be perfect!

Dancing is an intimate expression of joy in our lives and your wedding dance is the beginning of a lifetime of memorable celebrations as husband and wife. As couples around the world prepare themselves for the timeless tradition of the “first dance”, they are also having fun learning new steps, and many of them continue their dancing long after their wedding.


We have been teaching at our school and dance club in Tampa, Florida and producing instructional dance videos since 1979. Throughout these years, we’ve helped thousands of wedding couples and their families get ready for this very special occasion

If you already have a song selected, we can help you find the appropriate dance that matches your song. And, if you don't have a song, we can help you try a few different dances to see which dance you feel is most comfortable for you, and then select a song which matches that dance.

Allowing enough time to learn and practice together will make the dancing more fun, graceful, and relaxed. We recommend starting at least one to three months prior to the wedding day.

Wedding Dance Instruction - Father and Daughter

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